TR Kerth: The Whole Nine Yards

Kerth: One man’s path to goodness, one rescued worm at a time

I guess you might call it a silly weakness.

Kerth: A phone-call reminder of a long-ago night of love

Imagine what would you would do if you got a call from a woman you took to dinner 26 years ago, and she said to you on the phone, “I have a reminder of that night sitting next to me right now, and that little reminder is 6 inches taller than I am.”

Kerth: A good-news/bad-news tale about good news and bad news

“I have good news and bad news,” Natalie said to me.

Kerth: One biblical plague down, one more to go

Yesterday, just at sunset, I made the foolhardy decision to go out to my wife’s garden to transplant a few flowers for her.

Kerth: Show your gear some gratitude

My buddy Jim and I had just ended our annual fishing trip to Ontario last week when I looked up from my conversation with my tackle to see he was staring at me with “that look.”

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