TR Kerth: The Whole Nine Yards

Kerth: A letter to a boy who collected more than stamps and coins

Dear Tommy: I know you always wondered what would happen to your collections – those stamps and pennies you spent so much time with down in the damp basement as you organized them at that little beat-up oak roll-top desk with the black ring of fountain-pen ink you spilled on its top.

Kerth: An unexpected feast of patience and thankfulness

Sometimes a day doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it would.

If I want your opinion, I’ll rear-end you

If you see me driving down the street, you’ll recognize my car right away. Mine is the one with nothing pasted, bolted or magnetized to it to proclaim my agenda to the world.

Kerth: Bears do it, geese do it, even warming manatees do it (let’s do it—let’s all survive)*

The sea ice on the western shore of Canada’s Hudson Bay breaks up every summer, as it has done for millennia, forcing polar bears to swim for land.

Kerth: Days that never happened; hours that come again

By all rights, Groundhog Day should fall in early November, and it should only last an hour.

Kerth: It’s time to have zero tolerance for zero-tolerance rules

Several years ago, when I coached high school varsity girls’ soccer, one of my players was caught at a police-raided party where alcohol was present. Because the school had a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol, Nancy G faced both academic and athletic punishments that included missing one-third of her senior soccer season.

Kerth: Holding the world in the palm of a child’s hand

“How do you know where to turn?” Dave asked.

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