Smith, Robbie pour on the charm in ‘Focus’

If the mark of a good con artist is that he or she makes you think you know exactly what’s going on – when of course you haven’t a clue – that’s also the mark of a good con-artist movie, isn’t it? To make you feel like you totally get what’s about to happen – “Oh yeah, I’ve seen this in tons of movies,” you think – and then, boom. That’s not what happens at all. See, you lost your focus for a second.

'Hot Tub 2' gives a bad name to recast sequels

A sweaty cash grab that gives a bad name to sequels in which key talent has jumped ship, Steve Pink's "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" leaps forward rather than backward in time and sort of makes one wish the world had ended while it was en route.

Teen comedy 'DUFF' gives genre a social media spin

All teen comedies owe some debt to John Hughes and Amy Heckerling.

‘McFarland’: a familiar story

You’ve seen feel-good football and baseball movies, plus great underdog stories of boxing, basketball, soccer and cycling. So what’s left? The 1980s-set “McFarland, USA” has the answer: It’s cross-country.

Woodstock natives honor Dick Tracy's Chester Gould with documentary

Yes, Woodstock has its groundhog, but it also has its Gould.

Review: 'Fifty Shades' of dissatisfaction

Curious? The posters for “Fifty Shades of Grey” coyly ask.

McHenry County fans loyal to 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' despite controversy

For many, the long wait to see Mr. Grey is over.

Deadly fantasy 'Seventh Son' wears out its welcome

There's a fine line between charm and cheese in fantasy epics, and movies as silly and overwrought as "Seventh Son" only help to illustrate just how hard it is to hit the right tone when balancing action, romance, (attempted) wit, and the creation of the world.

Review: 'Jupiter Ascending' a soupy cosmic fairy tale

Within the warped wardrobe of the Wachowskis latest sci-fi extravaganza, "Jupiter Ascending," there are some fantastical feasts of intergalactic ridiculousness. Channing Tatum as a combination elf and speed skater. Space dinosaurs in leather jackets. A robed Eddie Redmayne as the universe's overload, who so gravely whispers his lines that you fear he is, for the length of the movie, being castrated just off camera. That, at least, would explain his sporadic shrieking.

SpongeBob’s back, on a zany venture up to our world

Would that all of our brains resembled that of SpongeBob SquarePants – and we’re talking about his actual brain, like, the cerebral matter located somewhere inside that porous yellow body.

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