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MCDH: Still time to get the flu vaccine

McHenry County, along with the state of Illinois, is experiencing a more severe than typical influenza season this year.

Atwater: Need to help leads to two bad marriages

Mr. Atwater: I’ve been married twice. The first was with a guy right out of high school. We were very young, and because he didn’t have much of a family, it was almost like I adopted him. We had two kids, and it was like I had three. He could never take care of himself, and when the drinking and the affairs started, I had to leave.

Atwater: Drug problem in daily news touches everyone

I guess I’m kind of old fashioned. I like to take the time to unfold my newspaper and actually read it – not online, but the actual crinkly, good-smelling paper. I did so this morning, and it hit me that if we didn’t have a drug problem, an alcohol problem or an associated crime problem, the newspaper might be filled with Jell-O mold recipes and the weekly menu at the assisted living facility.

Getting a Grip: Why families malfunction during the holidays

The Chicago Bears are an excellent metaphor for the unrealistic expectations that surround the holidays.

Pregnant women to get better info on drug risks

WASHINGTON – Pregnant women are about to get easier-to-understand information on how safe their medicine is for baby.

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