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True sobriety needed to stop cycle

“Jason” has been a drug user from the time he was a sophomore in high school. He managed to get decent grades and stay out of trouble, but by the time he reached his early 20s, he had developed a pretty significant pain pill addiction. Within a few years, he started using heroin, at first snorting and later using needles. He managed to control the heroin for periods of time but would smoke marijuana and drink heavily during those periods, telling himself that at least he wasn’t using dope.

Getting a Grip: Where the mental health system fails

I recently got a call from a distraught father, whose schizophrenic son was about to be homeless. The young man had been living with his mother, but he threatened her with a knife, was taken to the hospital and was not allowed to return home. The father wanted some advice.

MCDH: Take care of your heart

February is American Heart Month and a good time to take a look at personal health habits that can affect our heart.

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