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Sweet or savory, granitas are icy summer refresher

At Minibar in D.C., an intriguing dish on the May menu bridged the gap between the meat and dessert courses. The palate cleanser, called Spring Thaw, tiptoed between sweet and savory via two icy granitas: one a loose snowball of tangy frozen buttermilk formed into superfine granules, the other frosty green hillocks made from apple juice and pureed mint, parsley and cilantro.

Three refreshing ways to enjoy watermelon

Watermelon is one of those foods you really don't need to overthink.

A winemaker’s odyssey takes him around the world

Orion Stang did everything possible to become a winemaker. 

Chef Debi: Pear And Plum Chutney

I love this time of year, when all the fresh fruit is so abundant. One of my favorite fruits is the plum. At 30 calories each, they are a great healthy snack option. Plums also are full of antioxidants that are shown to improve brain memory and are full of fiber.

Sunday Supper: Grilled Chicken Curry Salad

By combining the curry powder with lemon juice and zest in the marinade, you ensure that the gritty, over-seasoned effect of old-school curried chicken salad is a mere memory. The dressing is more yogurt than mayonnaise, and the flavors of the grilled chicken and the apple shine through.

Gazpacho: From grad-school standby to cool summer staple

Gazpachos are the most refreshing way I can think of to celebrate seasonal vegetables. The story goes that the gazpacho, said to be the oldest known chilled soup, was popular in Andalusia and in the Arab world, where farmworkers would throw together stale bread and vegetables they had on hand. The genre has definitely evolved since.

Always cool, cucumbers now creamy in tasty soup

The best cooking is born of necessity. At least that’s the case in my house. My favorite recipes always happen when I’m forced to react to a glut of something, or a shortage of something, or perhaps both.

Take your peck: Chicken salad sampler

What color is your chicken salad? The option-happy dish enjoys year-round rotation but seems to come into its own in warm weather. With the right combination of ingredients – starting, say, with a rotisserie bird – you can skip cooking altogether.

Go soak your grains

If you can't cook, soak. That's what I've started doing when I want to prepare grains without raising the temperature — the stove's, the kitchen's or mine.

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