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Martial arts participants find ‘inner warrior’

Ana Petricel is 17, a high school senior who plans to become a doctor, and more than once she has knocked me on my you-know-what — despite my 70-pound advantage and enough extra years to know better.

A real cellulite solution

One out of every two Americans follows a calorie-restricted diet plan in an attempt to lose weight. As a nation, we will spend almost $40 billion on diet programs this year. A large percentage of those who are trying to lose weight also are attempting to improve a physical appearance problem typically referred to as cellulite.

Friends of Chilama effort to aid town in El Salvador

Entries for an art and photography contest are needed to raise money for delegations headed to Chilama, a village in El Salvador where art is rare.

'Pigeons saved my life': 96-year-old featured in pigeoneer documentary

Ninety-six-year-old Ed Schmidt is much like the homing pigeons he has built his life around.

Recipe of the Week: 24 Karat Chicken

Robyn Carpenter of Woodstock will recieve a $25 gift card provided by Joseph's Marketplace in Crysatl Lake.

Chef Debi: Roast leg of lamb completes Easter

When I think of spring and Easter dinner, I think of roast leg of lamb.

Versatile, fresh mini cakes fit for dessert

Chocolate seems to reign supreme when it comes to Easter. And while it’s hard to deny the appeal of cocoa, this spring holiday also begs for something fresh and citrusy.

Transforming bread dough into lemony sticky buns

Maybe it’s the bright color. Maybe it’s the fresh, vibrant taste. Whatever the reason, Easter has become inextricably linked to lemon (and chocolate, of course). So we decided to do a refresh of the conventional breakfast cinnamon bun, infusing it with lemony goodness three different ways.

Policy problems: Some plans refuse to cover medical costs related to suicide

Dealing with the aftermath of a suicide or attempted suicide is stressful enough. But some health plans make a harrowing experience worse by refusing to cover medical costs for injuries that are related to suicide – even though experts say in many cases such exclusions aren’t permitted under federal law.

'All about the drive': Irish dancers learn from international champ

Dearbhla Fay comes from a family with very fancy footwork.

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