On A Dime (Photo provided)

What is the band’s name and how did it get that name?

On A Dime. We got the name from the self-titled debut album, which was a blues-rock-opera about how quickly life can change.

Who are the members (full names) and what towns are they from?

Aaron Netsell – Woodstock

Rob Godek – Island Lake

Ken Grutza – Montgomery

Steve Sawyer – Lake Zurich

Sandee Christiansen – Marengo

What instruments do each of your band members play?

Aaron Netsell – lead vocal/guitar/keyboards

Rob Godek – guitar/vocals

Ken Grutza – drums

Steve Sawyer – lead vocal/bass guitar

Sandee Christiansen – lead vocal/keyboards/percussion

How did the band get started?

Aaron Netsell formed the band in 2006 to promote and play his original blues rock opera. Since then the band has started playing more cover songs from the ’70s to ’90s.

Describe the music you play.

Supergroup rock from the ’70s and ’80s.

What makes your act different?

The power harmonies, the challenging songs, professional caliber and the weaving of select thought-provoking questions throughout.

Who are the band’s three biggest influences?

Styx, Kansas, Boston

Why should people come see you (in 50 words or less)?

On A Dime plays the great supergroup rock songs that other bands don’t, and they do it with originality, class and skill. Plus, we’re super friendly and professional.

What is the best thing about being a musician?

Bringing joy to the listener.

Pick one: Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley?

Ooooh . . . tough. Chuck Berry.

Pick one: Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Michael Jackson

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you while performing?

Tripping a breaker in a windowless venue, and sound and lights instantly go totally out. BAM.

Where can fans find out more information about your band (official website, Facebook, etc.)?


How can people book your band?

Aaron Netsell at onadime@aaronnetsell.com or Ken Grutza at kengrutza@me.com.

List your upcoming performances.

After a very full spring and summer of concerts, we are working on adding some great new songs to our set list.