May 21, 2013 • 02:56:08 p.m.

What you need to know about the Xbox One


Microsoft has finally announced its brand new gaming console, the Xbox One.

The system will focus on being an “all-In-one” entertainment system, allowing you to seamlessly switch between your games, cable tv, movies, and music.

You'll be able to navigate all of this content using the redesigned Kinect. The new device allows you to do things like turn on your Xbox by saying “Xbox, On,” or navigate screens by using hand gestures. It's an extremely cool feature, but I'm wary as to how well it works.

Microsoft made a smart move by showing off the actual system, as well as the new controller and Kinect. I'm particularly happy that the new controller sports a redesigned d-pad, as the pad on the 360 controller is quite possibly the worst in the industry. The system itself looks pretty enough, but what really matters is that they showed it, as Sony failed to do that at their recent PS4 conference.

In terms of games, Microsoft revealed various EA Sports titles, “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” and an ominous, confusing trailer for a game called “Quantum Break.” For me, this was a pretty disappointing line-up. The event tended to focus harder on being a multimedia machine, as opposed to a gaming console.

The conference itself neglected to mention core issues like whether the Xbox One will require a constant internet connection, or whether or not it will block used games. However, reports have been cropping up since the event ended. Microsoft has confirmed the console will not require an internet connection, but developers have the right to create online-only games. As for disc-based games, they will have to be installed on the hard drive before they can be played. That game then connects to your Xbox Live account. To connect that game to a second account, you'll have to pay a fee. In other words, used games are possible, but you'll have to pay extra. The Xbox One is also NOT backward compatible, meaning it won't play your current 360 disc-based games. Whether you'll be able to play all your games tied to your Xbox Live account remains to be seen.

Microsoft has promised much more news, games and information regarding the new console at the upcoming E3 event starting June 11.

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