February 18, 2013 • 04:09:48 p.m.

Halo creators’ new ‘Destiny’

By Zach Walters - zwalters@shawmedia.com

After years of speculation regarding the successor to its highly acclaimed “Halo” series, Bungie has finally unveiled a video documentary on the development of their brand-new game, “Destiny.”

The game takes place on a far-future planet Earth, after a cataclysmic event has destroyed most of the population. The sole surviving city remains thanks to The Traveler, which is a gigantic moon-like ship that hovers over the city. The Travelers is the source of power for The Guardians, which are the protectors of this last city, and who players will be taking control of.

In its simplest terms Destiny is a shooter, and you can't blame Bungie for wanting to stick with what they do best. Gameplay sounds much more non-linear than past Halo games however, as the game looks to be a cross between a shooter and a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). You'll be able to explore the vast reaches of space anytime you want (in your own ship), or you can dive into the cavernous remains of Earth's ruins.

The most unique aspect of the game, however, has to be it's online component. Bungie considers Destiny to be the very first shared-world shooter. Much like the PS3 hit Journey, you might run across another player in the same area you are in, and team up for a while to take on a quest. Other times you will be the lone adventurer. It's virtual happenstance, and it does away with cumbersome menus requiring you to join a friends party.

While at the moment Destiny is only confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3, I wouldn't be surprised if it was also announced for the next-gen consoles soon. Bungie's relationship with the PC has always been tenuous at best, however, so PC gamers probably shouldn't hold their breath.

Check out the video documentary for Desitny. What do you think of the game? Email me at zwalters@shawmedia.com or find me on Twitter @geekfeednews.

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