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In the spotlight: The Elevate Project

The Elevate Project

How did the band get its name?

In the middle of forming the group, my pastor handed me a piece of paper on which she had written all of the things she intended to “elevate” in her life that year. I shared what she had written with the team. We decided then and there we would be called “Elevate.” The “Project” part is simply a better way to describe the ongoing growth and creativity in and around the band.

Who are the members (full names) and what town is each from?

Tyler Ommen – Crystal Lake

Nathan Staley – Chicago

Kelvin Levels – Cary

Aaron Netsell – Woodstock

John and Christine Tuck – Hoffman Estates

Brian Warszona – Chicago

J – Woodstock

What instruments does each of your band members play?

Tyler – Drums

Nathan – Percussion

Kelvin – Bass

Aaron – Guitar/vocals

Christine – Saxophone

John – Trumpet

Brian – Trumpet

J – Vocals/keyboards

How did the band get started?

J assembled this group of musicians after having played music with many of them previously.

Describe the music you play.

Eclectic. Latin-influenced/funk/soul/christian

What makes your act different?

The obvious things are the horn section and our additional percussion. Our drive and commitment to “elevate the audience through our performance” is what really sets us apart.

Who are the band’s three biggest influences?

Richie Kotzen, Tower of Power and Prince.

Why should people come see you (in 50 words or less)?

Because we “Elevate” the music we perform to a level that cannot be ignored by those who hear it.

What is the best thing about being a musician?


Pick one: Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley

Pick one: Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Michael Jackson

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you while performing?

I cut my finger while paying the piano and couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Where can fans find out more information about your band?


How can people book your band?

Email us at

List your upcoming performances

8 p.m. Jan. 19 – Harvard winter concert at The Starline Factory in Harvard

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