Leaders launch nondenominational Latino church in Crystal Lake

As Alex Aguilar looked around at a room of at least 130 people, many with their arms raised, their Latino voices singing, he knew he’d made the right decision.

Dressing up spring asparagus with an easy brown butter sauce

Remember the days when you knew spring was coming by the arrival of asparagus at the grocer? These days, fresh asparagus is available almost ...

Evenly roasted Brussels sprouts is all about space

Brussels sprouts are the tiniest member of the cabbage family. And I’ll confess that I used to hate them. In the old days, they were not onl ...

Planit 10: Things to do March 19 to March 26

Looking for something to do? We have 10 suggestions.

Belgian endive reaches the U.S.

Madame Gabillet was hosting me for my college semester abroad in France, and she welcomed me pretty much right off the plane into her chilly ...

Celery root: It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty tasty in slaw

Celery root is a good source of filling fiber and vitamin C, but the big nutritional selling point is the amount of vitamin K packed into th ...

When the snow flies, salads get substantial

Eating a salad a day is a habit I adopted a while back to help me automate the eating of raw veggies. Either my lunch or my dinner usually i ...

Learn to love dried beans with gratin

I didn’t appreciate the numerous lovable qualities of dried beans until my college years, when I was living on my own in a house with severa ...

Raue Center in Crystal Lake names first poet in residence

A man lost in the language of romanticism, meter and allegory was found recently at the Raue Center – Poet in Residence Phil Denofrio.

Woodstock animal shelter fundraiser showcases Art for the Paws

Dogs, cats, horses, dinosaurs – these subjects and so much more have been depicted on 6-by-6-inch canvases by McHenry County artists of all ...

Union auction to feature rare Grateful Dead memorabilia, posters

Randy Donley motioned toward a kitchen table and chairs in the Union banquet hall he’s slowly turning into an auction house.

If Cubs win World Series, Volo giving away Back to the Future DeLorean

VOLO — No pressure, Cubs. But this is the year, right?

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