Summer movie preview: Hollywood bets big again

Like jumbo jets on the runway, Hollywood’s summer movies are lined up, ready for takeoff. Will they hit any turbulence?

'3 Blonde Moms' bring cul de sac humor to the Raue

She might be one glue stick away from losing it, but fans have stuck with Joanie Fagan and her “3 Blonde Moms.”

Planit 10: Things to do April 17 to April 24

Looking for something to do? We have 10 suggestions.

‘Quiet Ones’: more creaky than creepy

Paying homage in style and theme to the vintage horror movies of the 1970s, “The Quiet Ones” is the latest stylish shocker from Hammer, the ...

A springtime approach to the classic crabcake

As the weather gets warmer, I cook lighter. And in The Husband’s taxonomy of food, crabcakes are relatively light. So I thought I’d employ o ...

Fennel, tarragon blend in rich clam chowder

Many cream-based chowders suffer from the same problem – it’s hard to taste anything but the cream.

An airy fruit pudding from America’s past

Snow pudding is a great old American recipe that dates back to pioneer days, back when resourceful home cooks hankering for a treat had to r ...

Making carrots shine

Sometimes the simplest vegetables, such as carrots, need a little polish to shine.

You’re doing it wrong: How to make better okra

I am glad no one ever forced stewed okra on me during my childhood, because the stories I’ve heard from stewed-okra veterans have been traum ...

Turning raw kale into a salad you will crave

There was a time when kale was just ornamental. Then suddenly it became a culinary superstar!

Martial arts participants find ‘inner warrior’

Ana Petricel is 17, a high school senior who plans to become a doctor, and more than once she has knocked me on my you-know-what — despite m ...

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